How to Upgrade UniFi Fimrware on UniFi AP/accesspoint Using winSCP application|Firmware upgrade

Hey guys How are you all. Are you facing issues upgrading the firmware on on UniFi devices automatically? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. So in this article, I’m gonna give you the steps to upgrade the firmware on your UniFi access point. How to Upgrade UniFi Fimrware on UniFi AP is pretty easy if the steps are followed correctly.

Please follow the below steps in order to know how to upgrade unifi firmware on UniFi AP/access point Using winscp application

► Download WinSCP  which will be used and helps us transfer the firmware to APs

► Download Putty so that we can enter into the root of the access point

Once you have downloaded both the application

►Open winSCP and select file protocol = SCP

►login to access point with hostname/IP using the application, put the username and password as shown in the video above

►Download latest firmware for UniFi access point:

►Navigate to the root folder of access point and then to the “tmp” folder as shown in a video

►Navigate to the firmware file location as shown.

►Drag the firmware file to the access point panel on the right as shown in a video.

►Delete the existing fwupdate.bin file and rename this firmware file to fwupdate.bin

►Open putty and SSH to the access point and type the command “ upgrade2 &” and hit enter

►The access point will start blinking white/blue or orange/green depending on the model.

►Now the firmware will be upgraded to the one you pushed via winSCP.



After all this your AP will boot into the normal state and the firmware should be upgraded. Lets us know in the comments below if it helped and if you face any issues.

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