How To Install UniFi Controller and Adopt UniFi Access Point|Step By step Process

How To Install UniFi Controller and Adopt UniFi Access Point


Are you trying to setup your new UniFi access point? or readopting them from scratch? Than, this is the right place you have arrived. In this video I show you the step by step process or a walkthrough on how to install UniFi controller and adopt UniFi Access point. You can watch the video above or follow the steps below


Step 1- Head over to and download the controller setup file as shown in the video above and after you install it and set it up. YOu will see the APs in the controller devices tab.


Step 2- Click on adopt(if you see managed by other, that mean you had adopted the devices already in the past or someone else is managing it in the other controller)


Step 3- After you click on adopt button the AP will provision and will go green in connected status. If you see the upgrade button then click on upgrade to upgrade the firmware on the devices you adopted. Wait till the upgrade has finished.

Step 4- Once the upgrade has finished. You will now need to create a SSID or wireless network so that the APs can broadcast it and you can connect to it.

Step 5- To create a wireless network, Head over to setting icon at the right hasnd side bottm and click on wireless network tab. After that click on Create wireless network and assign a Name(SSID) to it and password and click on save.

Step 6- The APs will automatically provision and get connected in the controller.

Step 7- Now browse the wirless network on your wireless phone or laptop to see if the APs are broadcast the SSID which you have just created.

Step 8- If it is broadcasting the SSID(wireless name) than connect to it and see if you can browse the internet. That is all and You have successfully setup the APs


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